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Innovative engineering for tough environmental issues

Clean energy with the Simeken Pro™

The Simeken PRO™ (Pyrolysis Recovery Oven) System is a demonstrated and environmentally positive way to convert the various types of solid wastes that are continuing to overcrowd our landfills, contaminate our water, and pollute the air that we breathe. Mitigate global warming by converting waste into green and clean energy with the Simeken PRO™ System.

Simeken’s PRO™ System was in development for over 5 years and was successfully demonstrated in Matamoros, Mexico, processing some of the largest and most difficult polluters - used tires, scrap wood and sewage sludge.

Simeken’s PRO™ System is currently operating in Bakersfield, California. This facility is Simeken’s advanced test and demonstration plant where various waste materials are processed and analyzed.

Advantages of the Simeken Pro™ System

The PRO™ System is an effective technology as it uses higher processing temperatures to make sure that harmful emissions are eliminated. Also, the PRO™ System, which uses a process that converts the pyrogas directly into heat energy, is capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 2,000 F. Simeken and its engineering team also has the ability to transform (refine) synthetic fuels, gas and oil into green fuels such as renewable hydrogen and natural gas, biodiesel, jet fuel as well as many useful industrial chemicals. These features make this technology one of the most flexible for the diversion of many different types of wastes.


At Simeken, we have also resolved the major issue regarding many previous pyrolysis systems - reliability. With our exclusive process, the PRO™ System has eliminated all moving parts from inside the system. The material is transported through the pyrolysis process via a “free fall” system which is enhanced by sinusoidal action.

Remember when you wanted to change the world?


It will be our pleasure to custom design a PRO™ System to fit your exact needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

Innovative Recycling

Simeken PRO™ System is one of the leading waste management technologies.

Green Energy/ Renewable Fuels

Biochar is a profitable and beneficial output from the Simeken PRO™.

Flexible Technology

We can custom design the Simeken PRO™ for your needs.

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