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Simeken Inc. - Innovative Engineering for Tough Environmental Issues

Simeken Inc. is an engineering, design and manufacturing company. Concerned with the future of our planet and our loved ones, we found a solution to produce clean and green energy. The Simeken PRO™ (Pyrolysis Recovery Oven) System is a demonstrated, economically and environmentally positive way to convert the various types of solid wastes that are continuing to overcrowd our landfills, contaminate our water, and pollute the air that we breathe. Let’s mitigate global warming and reduce our carbon footprint with the Simeken PRO™ System.

We’re happy to custom design and build a Simeken PRO™ unit to meet your exact needs. We stand behind our products. You can contact us directly. We look forward to helping you solve your waste management problems and energy production needs.

Rod Paré –Sales/Business Development

Phone Number:

Andrew Norris - Project Engineer



Phone Number : 778-686-8537



Jeremy Norris –Engineering/Manufacturing


Phone Number: 604-848-5251

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