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Local support for a global impact.

Simeken’s Partner Companies

Simeken’s network of partner companies allows for the application/implementation of a large range of technologies. Working in conjunction with multiple engineering disciples enables us to provide you with innovative, advanced mechanisms. From designing to manufacturing, and shipping, we take care of your outsourcing needs. Simeken’s global network also ensures you get local support.

Our Reliable Partners Include:

advantec industrial

Combustion Solutions Inc. 

Formed in 2003, Combustion Solutions Inc. (CSI) is a fully integrated company that has been developing advanced solutions for the process industry. From designing- to front-end engineering- and systems and controls, CSI has been providing safe, reliable and environment-friendly products and services.

AdvanTec Industrial

Advantec Industrial an industrial contract manufacturer. Along with its brands Surround Technologies, Advanced Bending and Advanced Flow Systems, AdvanTec Industrial helps their customers in outsourcing their manufacturing. With Advantec Industrial, expect to lower your manufacturing costs since they handle engineering, manufacturing and shipping. They are a one-stop provider with their unique ability to leverage the integrated capabilities of the entire group.


Improve the productivity of your soil

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